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Forging Ahead with Technology During a Global Pandemic

A year has gone by since life as we knew it came to a halt. Little did we know of the repercussions of the pandemic a year ago, but it is now safe to say that technology has indeed played an unquestionable role in bridging gaps in human interaction and steering us towards a new normal. While it took the world a while to find its footing in these extraordinary times, at Fabuwood, we’re grateful to have had the foresight to embrace the power of technology and innovation well ahead of this unforeseen COVID era.

At Fabuwood, we take pride in bringing safety and balance to our customers through technological advancement and virtual avatars. We have successfully sustained momentum in our efforts to bring beautiful, lifechanging cabinet solutions to homeowners over the past year. Here are a few ways through which our technological expertise has helped us leap forward in the industry despite the odds presented by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Power of Imagination

Fabuwood’s exclusive visualizer tool allows homeowners to virtually mix and match Fabuwood cabinetry options with appliances, countertops, and other components to envision a picture-perfect kitchen that’s right for their home. The tool offers a fun, interactive, and easy way to imagine the possibilities within the comfort and safety of one’s private haven! Not to mention, our inspiring, online kitchen gallery helps homeowners explore numerous configurations for their essential space.

Power of Seamless Integration

Our advanced, online EZ Pricing system enables our valued dealers from across the country to seamlessly place orders, pay invoices, track deliveries, and receive important updates from Fabuwood, all with the simple click of a button. Fabuwood’s exclusive, contactless, online ordering system has made transactions a breeze and has indeed enabled businesses to stay afloat and operational during these turbulent times.

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