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Surpassing Expectations at KBIS Virtual 2021

We are back from an exhilarating four-day journey at KBIS Virtual 2021, and we couldn’t have asked for a more successful journey in connecting with the industry through a virtual platform! Fabuwood’s out-of-this-world virtual showroom, with its life-like 3D kitchen displays and interactive features, for sure made immeasurable impressions!

KBIS Virtual was truly committed to implementing extraordinary measures to unite and serve the industry despite the complexities of the pandemic. At Fabuwood, we jump at any given chance to conquer challenges and create new opportunities to connect with customers and the industry at large. And hence began our quest for creating an incomparable virtual showroom experience.

In spite of all the unforeseen technical setbacks in the virtual KBIS expo-hall, we didn’t falter even for a moment. Our technologically advanced, solutions-oriented team put their minds together to host our virtual showroom on the Fabuwood website and deliver on our promise to showcase our impressive collection of products and services during KBIS as planned.

At Fabuwood, we have always fostered technological excellence and innovation in the cabinetry industry. Our virtual Fabuwood experience was a true tribute to our longstanding investment in exceptional technological capabilities. Thanks to the overwhelming response and amazing reception from thousands of visitors who stopped by our virtual showroom over the course of the show, we are more confident than ever in bringing fresh opportunities to new markets in 2021.

So, what made our virtual showroom experience truly exceptional? Scroll down to learn more!

The Virtual Fabuwood Showroom Experience

Fueled by Fabuwood’s ultimate vision for a seamless virtual reality experience and Roomful’s expertise in cutting-edge 3D technology, our virtual showroom not only represented the quality and beauty of our products, but also provided a 360-degree perspective of the complete Fabuwood customer experience.

Our virtual showroom was centered around our Q12 pillars, each of which embodied our twelve rigorous quality standards that ensure our cabinets are built to stand the test of time. A collection of our show stopping, bestselling cabinet displays surrounded the Q12 pillars, providing an immersive and interactive experience to our showroom visitors. Our visitors could open cabinet doors and drawers, swap out cabinet colors, and turn on appliances to enjoy a realistic yet whimsical kitchen experience!

The latest from our Fabuwood collection, the Imperio door style in two stunning finishes, was a big hit at the show, as were our ever-popular Galaxy and Frost lines. Digital brochures of our door styles provided a comprehensive overview of everything that Fabuwood has to offer. We all got a kick out of stepping into our virtual, larger-than-life cabinet display, a longstanding Fabuwood favorite at KBIS.

Along with the cabinet displays, the showroom featured intriguing audio-visual experiences including demos of our outstanding EZP dealer portal and Q12 quality standards. Here’s the best part – inside the showroom, visitors could engage with our amazing Fabuwood representatives in real-time via text or video chat. We loved being able to keep up with the interactive spirit of the show with such specialized showroom features!

Onward and Upward

Our virtual Fabuwood experience was a giant leap forward in connecting and collaborating with customers and prospects given the confines of the pandemic. We sincerely thank you for joining us on this eye-opening journey in breaking new ground with the power of technological advancement and innovation. For us, there’s no looking back – our dynamic team at Fabuwood is always on the fast track, looking for revolutionary ways to move onward and upward. This virtual journey is just the beginning of bigger opportunities and newer ways for us to work together. There’s a lot coming up from Fabuwood in 2021, and as always, we can’t wait to show you around! And just in case you couldn’t join us this year, we invite you to visit our KBIS 2021 Recap page.

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