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The Fabuwood family is growing

At Fabuwood, we owe our success to a team of over 600 dedicated artisans and employees. In order to continue growing and maintain our high-quality standards, we are always looking for new talent to enrich all departments within the company. Fabuwood can offer you new prospects for your future and promote your professional and personal development. The door for ambition and talent is always open.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Fabuwood, we strongly believe that every innovation starts through a fresh set of eyes. We know the next big idea can come at any time from anyone.

It is our understanding that to invent new solutions, you need to see a problem in as many ways as possible.  In an industry with such a vast target market, we need multiple points of view that reflect society’s multiple points of view.  With people from all walks of life reflecting the diverse consumers and communities we serve; our cultural mosaic provides a stimulating environment for increased productivity and creativity.

Inclusion at Fabuwood is about creating a deep sense of belonging. It’s about a culture where you are valued, your ideas are heard, and open minds combine to release the potential of the brilliant mix of people we employ.

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Why work at Fabuwood?

Each employee is a valued member of the Fabuwood family. We cultivate a creative work environment that gives employees a solid foundation for future success by providing unlimited opportunities for learning and professional development.
Diverse groups can bring an increase in creativity and productivity to achieve cohesive goals. At Fabuwood, our employees are encouraged to draw on their various backgrounds, experiences and talents while working in close collaboration with each other to deliver top grade products and services.
Our managers always have an open door. Meaning that our employees are free to talk with any manager at any time about any topic. Our work environment encourages employees to use their voices and provide input, or simply seek guidance in their daily work or career path.
We strongly believe that people who are happy are also the most productive. Employee satisfaction is an important Fabuwood priority. That is why we have an active social calendar of events designed for employees to get to know each other on a personal level.
We invest in developing your talents with extensive training and challenges that ensure you can make an impact and build your skills. Every employee has the opportunity to rise the ranks for a long-lasting career with Fabuwood, as we are firm believers of promoting from within.
With a passion and commitment to growth, we’re motivated to bring the newest and most advanced equipment to each department at Fabuwood. By offering world class equipment and systems, employees are sure to experience heightened productivity.
A commitment to safety is a core value and an integral part of Fabuwood’s culture. Our aim is to ensure each employee leaves work each day safe and in good health. We emphasize continuous improvement and strive to prevent all accidents/injuries through the active participation of every employee.
At Fabuwood, your wellbeing is a big priority, and we want you to be the best you can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive and affordable healthcare options including medical, dental and vision for you and your family.
At Fabuwood, every Friday is a “summer Friday”. To reward hard-work that we definitely appreciate, we encourage you to go home and have fun on Friday afternoons.
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