Back in the day, ordering a kitchen was a long and sometimes frustrating project. It meant taking measurements, making numerous phone calls, and creating hand drawn sketches. Until Fabuwood came around - we revolutionized the procedure! Using the latest in technology, we replace the hassle of ordering a kitchen with the ultimate in convenience and accessibility.

Welcome to Fabunology – Fabuwood’s cabinets making technology.

One of our groundbreaking changes is the introduction of our highly popular EZ Pricing Online program. With a few quick clicks, orders are submitted and are on their way to production. Utilizing all that this software has to offer, dealers can easily check the status of their orders and view their purchase history.

Your tools, Integrated.

Our EZ Pricing system integrates beautifully with all your favorite design programs, like 2020 & ProKitchen.

The team behind it

We staff a team of specialized personnel whose focus is to modernize our systems. They integrate state-of-the-art technology with customized programs to create a seamless and automated process.

Systemized Production

Fabuwood has made improvements in all areas. Our warehouse was updated with advanced machinery and equipment, while the delivery aspect was restructured using innovative approaches towards shipping.