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Optimizing kitchen space: why small kitchens shouldn't limit your big dreams

It’s no surprise that spacious kitchens are a dream come true for any homeowners, and although they might differ in style and décor, big kitchen designs are on the forefront of many home renovations; however, having the kitchen of your dreams shouldn’t be limited to how many square feet you have to dedicate to creating an ideal cooking space. Our creative and unique tips below can convert any tiny apartment kitchen into a Pinterest worthy space!

1.      Open shelving

2.       Minimal decorations

3.      Add more space creatively

4.      Utilize the space you already have

5.      De-clutter the kitchen

Open shelving to the rescue

The main issue most people run into nowadays is utilizing their small kitchen space in an effective way. According to Décor Aid, an award-winning interior design company, one of the top ways to maximize a small kitchen space is to incorporate open shelving.

Minimalism is the main theme here, as you should aim to keep whatever countertop space you have clean and empty, and this simple trick of open shelving will not only bump up your small kitchen to the next level visually but will give you the chance to store anything from mugs to appliances.

Re-locating your essentials to an open shelf will free up more cabinet space you can use to store things like dry foods or bulky cookbooks that just get in the way. This is also a trick on the eye - by allowing light to still come through the shelving space, it opens up your kitchen and makes it appear bigger than it is.

Accents matter

No, we don’t mean foreign accents - although if you want to attempt an Italian accent while cooking up some pasta, no judgement here! But just like a foreign accent can spice up a sentence, decorative accents can spice up your small and dinky space as well. Stay within the confines of keeping your decorations minimal, as the trick here is to double dip in the realms of practicality and style.

 Those open shelves you just put up are a perfect spot to add one or two small accent pieces - either a fancy flower vase, a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers, or even a floral mug - will make all the difference. You want to draw your eye into something that resonates with you, and the style you’re going for.

If you already used up the open shelving for more of the practical storage route, take a colorful accent piece or two, and place that on your countertop instead of the bulky appliances. If your kitchen falls into more of a one or two-tone color scheme, you’d be surprised what a pop of yellow, light blue, or even pastel pink can do.

Creative space creation

It might sound obvious but creating more space within what you already have will transform your corner cut kitchen into a glorious culinary arena. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of adding more space due to lack of finances or approval from a landlord to change things up, don’t get ahead of yourself! A few simple additions like a sturdy cutting board and a set of wheels are all you need to start. Taking something like a bamboo cutting board that fits over your sink is a perfect way to create more countertop space that you can use for cooking, or even drying dishes.

The set of wheels are an ingenious way to be able to control your space, by getting a movable kitchen island with wheels, that you can rotate around and not feel so stuck having it in one spot constantly. Lastly, adding some risers in any closed-up cabinets and leveling up is a foolproof way to create space within what you already have.


Wall Space

 The upside of a small kitchen space is that it really lets you dig deep into your creative potential, so look around your kitchen to anywhere where there might be an empty wall or door space - pair that space up with some cool, fancy hooks and within minutes you have yourself more room for your most used items!

 Hang up those everyday pots and pans on walls, or even inside pantry or cabinet doors to really expand the area. Magnets also don’t have to just stay on your refrigerator - grab a magnetic strip to organize your knives on your wall, or anything else that would stick. This trick is doable for any kitchen space, and anyone looking for the simplest tip with the biggest results.

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Pinterest Perfect

The good news is: you don’t have to wait for an organizational professional to show up to help you get decluttered and turn even the tiniest, grungiest of kitchens into a Pinterest worthy spectacle. Take the time to look through your kitchen area and everything in it. The good of it, the bad, the outdated, and what appliances, cutlery, and pots and pans you actually use, and what is just sitting there gathering dust.

When we let go of the things we don’t truly need in our kitchens, we’re opening the door to expand our space as well as our sanity. Adopt a “keep the best, and ditch the rest” mentality, and take pride in the fact that even though your kitchen space might be minimal, you’re making most optimal decisions for your day to day life.

Your efforts will pay off both in real time, and in the long run, so that when the day comes for you to upgrade to a bigger space, you already have these useful tricks and tips under your belt.


As the heart your living space, a kitchen has the potential to truly make your house feel like a home, and that feeling can be cultivated no matter how big or small your kitchen space turns out to be. With a few creative additions to your cooking space, you can make your kitchen not only feel and look bigger, but truly optimize the space you have without taking on remolding project you’re not ready for.

Which tip for small kitchens was your favorite? Let us know down below!

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