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Spring Into Kitchen Spruce Up Action

It’s that time of the year – the sun is out, flowers are in full bloom, and birds are chirping a happy tune. Spring has sprung indeed! As you put the looming, dark winter behind you and prepare to bask in the warmth of the new season, remember, it’s time to whip your home into shape for the fun months ahead. Spring-cleaning may be therapeutic for some, but for others – not so much. While the idea of a complete kitchen purge may sound like a massive undertaking, our tips below can give you the inspiration you need to set things straight and start the season right, one step at a time.

Take a Deep Dive
Start by clearing out your kitchen items, one cabinet at a time. Dive right in and get rid of those long-expired holiday candy and stale food supplies. Make a separate pile of products you know will never see the light of the day in your kitchen but will serve well as items to donate. Empty out and wash overused containers, canisters, and spice boxes and refill them with fresh supplies. Unearth those lost treasures at the deep end of your cabinets and use them as inspiration for new recipes this season. Be sure to clean your cabinets and countertops with appropriate, non-abrasive cleaning products and set the stage for a kitchen as good as new. As for those broken, chipped, or damaged kitchenware you’ve been hoarding inside your lazy susan, part ways with them and make peace with your clutter-free cooking space.

Get All your Ducks in a Row
Once you’re confident you’re armed with nothing more than only useful and usable items from your cabinets, get organized with some fun labels, markers, and the most functional containers from your kitchen stash. Say goodbye to pent-up frustration that once piled up with clusters of ill-organized kitchenware.

Divide and Conquer
Accessorize your cabinets with smart organizers, dividers, pull-outs, and inserts to ensure your kitchen tools are exactly how you want them and where you need them to be – neatly sorted and easy to reach. Install efficient drawer systems to compartmentalize your cutting boards, space out your knives, and ensure all your electronics are fully charged and tucked away in one safe charging drawer, far away from the dangers of heat and spills.

Cut Through the Clutter
Add flawless functionality to your space with multi-tiered pull-out drawers, equipped with dividers to separate your pots, pans, and lids in secure, accessible, and collision-free compartments. Prevent spills and pileups by arranging your spice boxes inside space-saving filler pull-outs.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
Safely store away your delicate stemware while flaunting your stunning collection at the same time with easy-to-install stemware racks. Pair them up with slotted wine storage cabinets and create your own fun system for showing off your fine selection.   

Float in Space
Even after all that cleaning and reorganizing, chances are, you’re still left with more items to store without much-needed storage space. Put that cherry on top by adding decorative touches to make your spring-cleaning efforts stand out! Embellish dead wall-space with beautiful floating shelves and display eclectic items from your collection while adding an intentional space to organize kitchenware, cookbooks, or treasured collectibles.

Bring the Outdoors Inside
Now that your spring kitchen feels as fresh as a dewdrop, invite color and fragrance to your space by bringing in florals and herbs from your outdoor garden. Spruce up your kitchen by adding a few green touches – air-purifying indoor plants can elevate your kitchen while serving a purpose. Think fresh and stay colorful this season – you’ll feel like a million bucks after your spring kitchen cleanup!

For more inspiration on how to keep your kitchen in order throughout the year, click here to visit Fabuwood’s kitchen accessories page.

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