Quality design and craftmanship


At Fabuwood we embrace the kitchen as the heart and soul of the home.

We believe that your kitchen cabinets should help develop a sanctuary that offers a perfect balance of functionality and ambiance. With a range of styles, materials and finishes available, Fabuwood offers a multitude of options catering to your specific taste and needs. We make building a luxury kitchen affordable, without compromising on comfort, quality and efficiency. There truly is no better blend of style, selection, and price than a Fabuwood cabinet. Our unique collections transform modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out, adorning kitchen walls throughout the nation.
Rapid Growth
The building of our new headquarters is well underway, and will consolidate all four of our current spaces into one cutting-edge superstructure. As we’re getting ready to move into our new, much larger, home in Newark we expect to welcome even more employees and a larger production. Our next chapter in Newark is an extraordinary advancement, with a state of the art facility made up of pioneering technology, the company is destined for even more productivity. The new building supports the company’s vision with spaces that intentionally foster a transparent environment, encourage the enjoyment of discovery, and make Fabuwood a place where people want to come to join forces and innovate. Each cabinet line is designed with quality, simplicity, and timeless elegance. From unique moldings, made-to-measure sizes, custom finishes and painting - Fabuwood is unstoppable.
800 +
Our growing workforce is a clear indication of the company’s size and influence within the trade.
1M +
Currently operating out of four separate buildings in central New Jersey, we are extremely excited about our new home in Newark.
2000 +
Fabuwood dealers
With a presence on a national scale, it’s safe to say that Fabuwood is a powerful and leading corporation in the cabinetry world.
3500 +
cabinets shipped daily
With an awe-inspiring scale of over 3000 cabinets shipped out daily, it is evident that demand for Fabuwood is certainly not lacking.
The exclusive carrier
of q12 cabinets.
Quality Redefined.
By selecting the finest raw materials, ensuring consistent quality and uniformity of appearance, our vision is to provide end users with kitchen experiences that are as impressive on the inside as they are on the outside. To be sure quality is applied throughout the entire construction, we’ve considered every single detail resulting in twelve individual elements that together make a cabinet uncompromisingly solid and reliable.
Quality twelve
Our values

We are deeply committed to our four core values that inspire who we truly are at Fabuwood.

We believe that quality should never be compromised. At Fabuwood, we recognize that design is so much more than just the appearance alone. That is why we diligently focus on quality sourcing all components that make up our superior cabinets. At Fabuwood, everything is tested – we leave nothing to chance.
By evolving and expanding our product lines, we constantly adapt to the changing tastes of consumers. At Fabuwood, we are committed to adopting cutting-edge technologies to further our internal operations and set industry standards. We believe in delivering intelligently engineered solutions to enhance the customers' overall experience.
By acknowledging that the success of our company relies on the performance of our dealers, we are committed to providing them with all the means necessary to facilitate a seamless and successful sale. With a profound dedication to cultivating solid relationships, our network is built on respect and mutual appreciation.
We value our ambitious and skilled community and recognize its crucial contributions to our nationwide success. By promoting a work-life balance through enjoyable perks and activities, we pride ourselves on being a company that nurtures the feeling of one large extended family. Like any strong relationship, we are always here to offer support and guidance to both our employees and dealers. We believe that a teamwork-based culture will yield the best possible experiences for everyone.