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Fabuwood's New Headquarters

If you didn't already know, Fabuwood has moved its headquarters from Jersey City, N.J. to Newark, N.J. - and we couldn't be more excited. As the company grows exponentially, a new facility has become mandatory. Hey, we can't complain!

Office Spaces

The unique one-million square foot building features private office suites, collaborative work stations and a striking showroom. The entire facility was designed with distinctive architecture and modern aesthetic elements. Because the new headquarters is much larger than our old digs, we're able to showcase our state-of-the-art cabinet solutions and products with ease. All employees now have ergonomic-friendly desks and cutting edge technological equipment for their daily workflow. Collaboration rooms and private phone call areas will be available in each department, as well. These gains will help Fabuwood focus on delivering quality customer service and an improved overall work environment for our employees. 

Production Hub

All of our operational components have been upgraded, too. The Fabuwood manufacturing plant is equipped with one-of-a-kind technologies such as laser tech aisles, artificial intelligence and point-to-point data centers. These new features will help Fabuwood continue to develop and ultimately keep pace with its production and customer demand.


Newark, N.J. is rich with diversity and culture, so Fabuwood fits right in. Our employees range from an extensive list of backgrounds and stories. The city of Newark is thriving with successful businesses and industries, as well. The new location offers easy access to public transportation and is surrounded by beautiful landscaping along the Passaic River. Let's just say majority of our lunch breaks will be spent appreciating the views! We are extremely lucky to neighbor one of the largest International airports in the country, too. This convenience will allow out-of-town clients to access our headquarters with ease.

Looking Ahead

Fabuwood will host a ribbon cutting ceremony in the coming months. We are extremely proud of the new headquarters and are truly looking forward to hosting events in our new home. This is an exciting time and marks a huge milestone for us. It's hard to believe Fabuwood started in 2009 with only 40 employees.

See you in Newark!

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