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Fall in Love with Your Kitchen All Over Again

As the leaves start to change color and the smell of apple pie permeates the air, it’s more than obvious that fall has arrived. A beloved season for many people, fall is the perfect time to bring your kitchen décor up to speed with the seasonal trends. Beyond just the visually pleasing appearance that a piece of fall decoration provides, it also enhances your overall mood and well-being. Whether you’re inspired to go all out with fall themed adornments or lean more towards adding just a few statement pieces, these tips will surely make you fall in love with your kitchen this season.

1.      Add decorations like flowers or centerpieces that are fall themed

2.      Switching to seasonal patterns like plaid, using that in kitchen items

3.      Changing the tone of the décor to more natural and rustic

4.      Adhering to a seasonal color pallet with warm tones

Turning a new leaf

With the summer season dwindling away, picking out fall décor for your kitchen provides a plethora of opportunities to tap into your creative side. Picking out the right kind of décor for your kitchen will not only get you into the spirit of the season, but it can even alter your mood, for the better. According to Apartment Therapy, a website run by interior designer Maxwell Ryan, the way you decorate a specific room in your household can tap into certain emotions and thoughts. When it comes to the kitchen, picking out décor that’s comforting, welcoming, or even relaxing, will prove to be pleasing both visually and emotionally.

Even if you feel that you’re not the most creative type out there, simple changes like adding a fall themed flower arrangement will make all the difference. Think sunflowers, or any other kinds of flowers that boast those iconic fall colors of red, orange, and yellow.

Of course, adding gourds is another favorite choice for fall décor, as it exemplifies the season’s meaning. Using a gourd as a flower vase is the perfect way to combine these two ideas!

Incorporate the theme

The best thing about seasonal décor is that it doesn’t have to stay within the confines of flowers, or other items that are only available in certain times of the year.  A great way to incorporate fall into your kitchen is to let the theme of the season show through in your everyday kitchen items.

A fall themed/colored kitchen towel will double as a practical cleaning tool, as well as a beautiful statement piece. The same applies for items like a decorative apron, oven mitt, placemats, and even salt and pepper shakers. A fall themed table cloth or runner is also perfect – choose anything woven or plaid patterned, and it will surely bring a fall fever to your kitchen space.


Consider the tone

Throughout your décor, you want to bring a certain tone to your kitchen and highlight the season’s overall vibe. Steer clear of anything too bright and summary, and instead go more towards any kind of décor that gives off a rustic, vintage, or natural tone. This is easily achievable by swapping out your everyday fruit bowl with a woven basket and adding in seasonal fruit.

The fall colored flower arrangement mention previously is also a great place to add in dried wheat stalks or grass, to enhance the arrangement to embody the spirit of the season. Anything natural like the dried wheat, or leaves, will bring in that effortless fall flow.

Additionally, it will increase the texture of the overall display, taking it to the next level. Thinking even more outside the box, adding something like vintage food tins as statement pieces will add to the rustic, vintage tone.

Warm it up

With the seasons changing, it’s important to stick to the appropriate color pallet. Aim for the décor to look cohesive, instead of a messy rainbow with clashing colors. Stick to warm, neutral tones in your décor, and add any kind of browns, auburn, mahogany, copper, burnt orange, maroon, burgundy, and wine red. Instead of all the colors of the rainbow, enhance your space with these fall colors.

These colors are all found in nature during the fall season, so bringing them into your kitchen will bring out a feeling of warmth and comfort. The fall season is the best time to embody those thoughts and feelings!



As the central place where the entire family can get together, you want your kitchen to not only be up to date with the latest décor but embody a feeling of warmth and love. By adding in a few pieces of seasonal adornments, using a warm color pallet to bring out the season’s colors, and incorporating the theme of fall into everyday kitchen accessories, falling in love with your kitchen will be effortless.

Let us know down below how you’re prepping your kitchen for fall!

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