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5 tricks to optimize the Space in Your Kitchen

Many homeowners face the issue of clutter in the kitchen. If you’re one of them, and you’re desperate to add space to your kitchen, then this is the answer you have been looking for. By following these six easy tricks, anyone can transform their kitchen from a claustrophobic mess into a chef’s utopia.

Sort it all out

The first thing you need to do is declutter. Sort through every knick-knack, utensil, pot, pan, appliance, mug, plate, cup, and bowl, and remove anything that’s been gathering dust for more than a couple of months. You will be surprised how many things you have kept just for the sake of having them, despite not having used them for years. Once you get rid of all the junk, you can organize the keepers.


Install Open Shelves

A great way to save space in your cabinets is to install open shelves. Not only is this a fantastic way to store all those small appliances or anything which have been taking up cabinet space, but it’s also a neat way to turn your essentials into décor. Not only have you added a pop of color to the room without wasting space on decorative items, but you have also cleared out space in the cabinets for bulkier appliances.

Use every inch of space creatively

You can hang hooks on the walls to create a space to hang pots and pans that have been jamming up your drawers. Or, if you don’t want them out in the open, just put the hooks inside the doors of your kitchen closet for neat and effective storage. You can also hang a magnet strip on your backsplash for knives to clear space in the cutlery drawers. By utilizing every inch of space, you can get more out of less.

Utilize Organizing Accessories

Organizing accessories is a generalization. There are tons of kitchen accessories dedicated to the task of helping you save space. 2-tiered cutlery drawer trays to keep your silverware neatly compartmentalized and deep-tiered drawers to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck out of every drawer. Then there are Spice, cutting board, and hand towel pullouts to help keep those items organized in the least space-consuming way possible.

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This is self-explanatory, but maintenance is key. Do not start dumping things in places they do not belong the day after you worked so hard to organize them. Remember to maintain your kitchen by always returning things to their proper place after you have used them. Keep those drawers organized, those hooks full, and those shelves neat, and you will find your cooking, cleaning, and eating experience completely transformed.


You can do it, Fabuwood can help

At Fabuwood, we are dedicated to helping you create your dream kitchen, no matter how big or small. Check out the beautiful selection of accessories on our site that will ensure you make the most out of your kitchen. You will not believe how far a little organizing can go.


Which of these tricks helped add space to your kitchen?

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