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Making a Personal Connection in a Virtual World

People across the world have transformed their business models to stay aligned with virtual platforms during these unprecedented times. While digital tools have shouldered the responsibility of keeping up the momentum of life and work, it’s no secret that the warmth and comfort of true human connection is something we all yearn for.

In the housing and home improvement industry in particular, businesses have largely made ends meet by embracing innovative digital technologies such as virtual showroom tours, online showings, digital catalogs, and so on. While such “contactless’ options continue to present pragmatic solutions to running a business successfully during the pandemic, business owners can take thoughtful measures to ensure the value of personal connection is not lost in cyberspace.

Here are a few ideas to help you establish meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers in this digital era.

Show and Tell

Showrooms around the world are leaning heavily on software and tools that enable 360-degree virtual tours of kitchen displays and product options. While a virtual tour can be a great way to engage your customers online, consider enhancing their experience by assigning friendly sales reps to high-traffic spots in your virtual showroom. Customers can chat with your reps at the click of a button and get detailed answers to their questions in real-time.

Picture the Possibilities

Placing stunning visuals and high-quality kitchen imagery in your marketing tools will surely catch one’s eye. Build on that experience by staging realistic family interactions and endearing kitchen moments in your product shots and make your business both relevant and relatable to potential customers. Embellish your website with video testimonials from satisfied clients to inspire your prospects to stay invested in your products and services.

Share Your Story

Boost your virtual presence by putting a face to your brand. Tell the story behind your business and share product tips and tricks online to let your personality shine. Not only will that human touch boost your credibility and repertoire, but it will also allow your customers to develop confidence and trust in your business.

Zoom Forward

Virtual communication and meeting platforms have become common household tools over the course of the pandemic. Leverage these tools to set up one-on-on meetings with your customers in the form of free consultations, product demos, or guided tours of your showroom! One-on-one virtual meetings can help you better understand your customer’s needs and offer customized solutions that work best for their space. Investing time in real-time conversations can help establish a great rapport and a lasting relationship with your clients.

 Focus on Follow-ups

Follow-up on online queries by reaching out to prospects who have engaged with you via virtual tours, consults, or demos, and show them how much you value their patronage. Take the time to contact those who’ve been putting off projects after the initial touchpoint. Help them with ideas to trim down costs and tailor a plan that’s better suited to their budget. Hearing back from you will give your prospects the little nudge and reassurance they need to move forward with your business. Experience the difference you make with those little personal touches as you expand your customer base with referrals and returning customers.   

Get more fabulous and unique ideas on building your online presence and making business connections that matter by joining us at the all-virtual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this month!

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