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Meet Our Crafters: Dovid Eigner

Dovid Eigner is Fabuwood’s resident artist and product specialist in the Research and Development department. Since he began his career at Fabuwood in 2020, Dovid has continued to expand the boundaries of creativity with his insightful ideas and ability to think out of the box.

A Love of Carving

Growing up with a master wood carver for a father who would create custom furniture pieces, Dovid has always been inquisitive about the trade. Spending time in his father’s woodworking shop, exploring, and asking numerous questions about wood carving has created a deep love of the trade.

 Sharing this selfsame love of carving with his father has spurred Dovid’s creative side throughout the years. After his first project of a functional tractor built out of popsicle sticks when he was 12, Dovid knew woodworking would always be a part of his life.

Joining Fabuwood

What was a favorite pastime for Dovid has now turned into a career at Fabuwood. Coming into Fabuwood and meeting daily challenges, projects, and creative tasks allows Dovid’s creative side to continue to flourish. This is especially true for large projects that take months to complete, like our popular Tree that was on display at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2023.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our vision come to life. After collaborating with other teams at Fabuwood, I can get to work at our shop and let the creativity flow. It is rewarding to see a project come to life, all from a roughly sketched idea on paper.”

The creative process

Dovid works closely with the marketing department to create showstopping pieces for events like KBIS, sample products, gift boxes for industry events, and much more. After brainstorming with the team and discussing project details, he usually creates small samples first in case adjustments are needed. From there, he continues to build the piece with feedback from the team throughout the process. Once the carving is completed, Dovid finishes it off with a paint or stain for a flawless finishing touch.

Dovid’s quick yet precise hand has built beautiful pieces over the years. We are eager to see what else he will create in the future!

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