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Blending Past Innovations with Future Visions at KBIS 2024

KBIS 2024 took a step back in time, showcasing the past 100 years of kitchen history. Spanning the past century’s innovations from the 1924 Hoosier cabinet to today’s latest door styles and colors from our expanded Designer Collection, booth visitors got a feel for the past and future of cabinetry with the one-of-a-kind Fabuwood experience.

Our booth’s showstopping features

Kitchen history wall

Fabuwood KBIS 2024 timeline wall

Complete with authentic magazines, ads, and artifacts from over the past century, the history wall illustrated just how far the industry has come. From the ice box, the invention of the dishwasher, and today’s innovations and modern conveniences, kitchens have come a very long way. Visitors learned about each significant period and how homeowners lived years ago.

Authentic 1920s kitchen

Fabuwood's 1920's KBIS Kitchen

Adjacent to the history wall was a true 1920s kitchen, complete with stove, ice box, sink, and Hoosier cabinet. Visitors got to walk around the kitchen, getting a profound understanding of how people lived during that era.

Mini 3D product showcase

Fabuwood's KBIS 2024 Miniature 3D Product Showcase

Our 3D product showcase, which was hand-carved by Fabuwood's skilled woodworking artist, is a true masterpiece. The showcase attracted many visitors to our booth and presented our door styles, vanities, and cabinets perfectly. Visitors were able to scan the item and view a real version of the intricately designed piece.

Larger-than-life 3D mood boards

Fabuwood's KBIS 2024 3D Mood Boards

A popular phot-op moment, the enormous 3D mood boards were a big draw to our booth. The inspirational pieces were hand-carved and painted, creating a stunningly vibrant and artistic atmosphere at KBIS. They left a lasting impression on all those who saw them.

Illume 2.0

Illume 2.0

We were thrilled to introduce our expanded Illume collection, which now offers 40 new finishes and colors and 2 new door styles. With a range of matte, gloss, and textured finishes, the enhanced collection provides even more possibilities for design and customization. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing our customers with a diverse selection of options and design opportunities.

New technology: 360 Visualizer and Color AI

The new Visualizer and Color AI tool provides an enhanced and personalized experience to our customers. Now, customers can view their chosen cabinets, colors, and finishes in an immersive virtual experience. The AI color matching tool helps them match inspiration photos to our door style and finishes so they can easily create their dream home.

The use of advanced technology demonstrates our commitment to providing the most innovative and current products available.

Kitchen displays

Fabuwood's KBIS 2024 Kitchen Displays

The 5 kitchen displays, including an expansive butler’s pantry, displayed the most trending designs and popular door styles. With beautiful two-tone combinations like Luna Timber and Pitch Black, and our new Venetian Woodline finish, booth visitors experienced our most advanced and innovative kitchen displays to date.

Vanity and laundry room displays

Fabuwood's KBIS 2024 Pistachio Green Laundry Room

Our four vanity displays showcased the versatility of Fabuwood's home designs, featuring popular finishes like Timber and Indigo, along with Designer Collection hues like Coral Reef. Our laundry room was a big hit, showcasing our upcoming Designer Collection color, Pistachio Green.

New Q12 display

Fabuwood's KBIS 2024 Q12 Display

Every year, we take great pride in presenting the Q12 quality standards that define our cabinets. Our cabinets are meticulously crafted using only the finest materials, advanced construction methods, and pro-touch techniques, ensuring unparalleled quality and long-lasting durability. Our Q12 display this year featured a unique presentation that highlighted each of the 12 standards, demonstrating how they are integrated into every cabinet we construct.

Booth visitors had the opportunity to witness the magnificence of a Fabuwood home, from the living room, laundry room, and bathroom to the kitchen, and butler's pantry. Our advanced products and innovative technology demonstrated how Fabuwood can enhance the entire home.

Together with our partnerships with like-minded companies like ZLINE, Hafele, and Cosentino, we are proud to lead the industry with innovative, technology-driven products and services.

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