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How to create a smart kitchen

Kitchen renovations are an exciting time as they allow you upgrade your space. There’s no better feeling than installing brand new cabinets and applying fresh coats of paint on walls. While you’re upgrading your cabinets, décor, and backsplash, there’s another aspect to consider upgrading as well. Given the technologically advanced world we live in, updating your kitchen with cutting edge technology is a great way to take it to the next level, to compliment your new and improved space.

1.      Motion sensors

2.      Smart features

3.      Voice Command

4.      WiFi Updates

5.      Cleaning

Hands free

A great way to incorporate technology into your new kitchen is with motion sensors. This technology has been steadily gaining popularity in homes, as it’s extremely convenient and useful. A great place to add motion sensors is in the faucet of a sink.

A motion sensor faucet is simple yet carries a great advantage. It’s the perfect device for the kitchen space, aiding with multitasking and cleanliness.

Smart technology

As technology continues to permeate throughout our society, certain advances stand out from the rest. The rise in “smart” technology has introduced new ways to incorporate technology into our kitchens like never before. Appliances like a smart fridge or smart lights are a great investment and boast a variety of uses.

A smart fridge now has the capability to help you keep track of what food is inside of it, and how long it’s been there, as well as even order groceries straight from it! Smart lights are also great ways to not only save energy, but to customize your kitchen space to your preference.

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Simon says

You don’t have to be named Simon to control something, now thanks to voice command technology. With this high-tech feature, you can command your sink to turn on and off, and even ask it to give exact measurements of water.

Other, more popular and common, voice command gadgets include Amazon’s Alexa and Echo , as well as Google Home. These little pods are designed to make life easier with their various purposes. It’s like having an assistant in your kitchen at all times.

Wifi Connected

A wifi connection is an absolute must for any modern home, and these days it goes beyond the computer. Certain kitchen appliances like Instant pots , as well as Crock-pots have been upgraded to have a wifi connection.

This upgrade allows your appliances to connect to your phone, which grants you access to control them straight from the palm of your hand. You can control the temperature, see the monitor of the cooking time, and even set timers.

Clean up time

Cleaning is not something many people can say they love to do, which is why technological upgrades for cleaning assistance are perfect for any home owner. Investing in self-cleaning appliances can save so much time and effort, like a self-cleaning oven.

Additionally, there are also robotic vacuums that are able to clean your floors while you rest or busy yourself with another task. Gone are the days when cleaning your kitchen space steals your precious time.


Technological advancements for homes are only becoming more frequent and user friendly. This is why upgrading your kitchen to the latest gadgets and tech-savvy appliances is a great way to go. Making your life overall easier, these gadgets have a list of positives you’re sure to love.

Which of these tech-savvy gadgets would you love to see in your kitchen? Let us know down below!

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