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Kitchen trends to avoid

The kitchen design world is ever changing, with new trends coming in annually as homeowners and designers alike incorporate new technology, colors, and materials to their décor. Whether you prefer a glamorous or cozier kitchen style, trending décor is on the forefront of any everyone’s mind. That’s why we’ve complied a list of the top three kitchen trends to avoid, as they’ve lived out their time. The last thing you want is an outdated kitchen that’s only fading away to the kitchen décor archives.

1.      Pot Racks

2.      Distressed cabinets

3.      Tiled Countertops

Leave it to the pro’s

The first trend to avoid is the hanging pot rocks that you see displayed in some kitchens, usually above the kitchen island. This trend picked up some speed at one point, celebrated for its ability to give the space a “chef’s kitchen” appeal, it’s not so visually appealing after a while. As kitchen décor leans more towards stylish minimalism and organization, a hanging pot rock just looks messy and crowded.

It’s also not a practical solution for kitchen organization, and not very reachable from such a height. Save the space above your island for a statement light fixture instead, and leave the hanging pot rack to the chefs and pros.

 Distressed or just… old?

Distressed cabinets give the same appeal as distressed jeans – why go through the trouble and cost to invest in something that already looks old and outdated? Distressed cabinets don’t fit the sleek, minimal, and clean look that most kitchen designs have been moving towards. It’s in your best interest to skip this outdated trend and opt out for any solid color of choice.

There are other ways to add a rustic touch to your space and create the look you’re craving. Classy and elegant, rustic décor is a much better option than investing in outdated cabinet styles.


 Tiles for miles

Tiled countertops, as far as they eye can see, were a hot trend once upon a time. They offered a unique choice for anyone craving a different design, and for a lower price point than any other material on the market. However, homeowners quickly learned their mistake in going with tile, as they are a nightmare to clean and maintain, and they are simply not worth the time and effort.


As you embark on your kitchen design journey, make sure that you’re staying on top of the trends, and know what to avoid. Beyond just being out of style, many of these trends lack in practicality as well, which only causes a bigger headache than you might have bargained for!

Which of these out of style trends made you cringe the most? Sound off below!

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