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15 Unique Ideas to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

The area above your kitchen cabinets is valuable real estate that often gets overlooked. As a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer, we understand the importance of maximizing every inch of kitchen space. With a little creativity, you can transform this blank space into an eye-catching focal point that expresses your style.
This detailed article lists 15 unique ways to decorate the top of your cabinets. From adding greenery and plants to creating a personalized gallery wall, there are endless possibilities to make over this underused space in your kitchen. Together with our customizable accessories and trending door styles and finishes, your kitchen will be truly one-of-a-kind.
Imagine your friends and family being enthralled by your décor every time they walk into your kitchen! Read on to discover how you can transform your space with these innovative ideas.

1. Display Your Favorite China Patterns

PLates with patterns

Collecting china is a lovely way to gather meaningful dishware over time. Instead of a crowded china cabinet, neatly display your prettiest plates and teacups on top of kitchen cabinets.
Opt for plate stands or wall-mounted plate racks to keep your collection organized. For the most cohesive design, make sure your displayed china coordinates well with your overall kitchen décor with complimentary colors or patterns.  

2. Show Off Your Prettiest Tableware

Pretty colorful stemware

Turn your cabinet tops into a place to showcase your favorite dishware collections. As an alternative to storing pieces behind cabinet doors, having charming plates, mugs, and glassware on display makes your kitchen feel homey and lived in.
While you want your tableware presentation to look eclectic, you don’t want it to look messy. To make the most of your display, remember to showcase your pieces according to color, pattern, or size. This will turn the tops of your cabinets into a statement piece and a sure conversation starter!

3. Curate a Cookbook Collection

A bunch of cookbooks

Cooking is always more enjoyable when you’re inspired. Pull out some aesthetic cookbooks (that you don’t use often) and stand them upright on your cabinet tops. Surround the books with complementary accents like mortar and pestles, wooden spoons, or ceramic bowls. Aim for an artful arrangement that sparks creativity in the kitchen.

4. Do Without the Coffee Table

Nice lamp on a coffee table

Coffee table books you love can find a new home on top of kitchen cabinets rather than gathering dust on an underused coffee table. Stand books upright and arrange them by color for a visually appealing vignette.
Choose titles related to food, recipes, kitchen design, gardening, natural decor, architecture, photography, or whatever topics you’re passionate about. With your favorite books on display, you’ll be inspired the next time you step into your kitchen.

5. Add History to Your Space With Antique Glass Bottles

Antique Glass Bottles

Antique glass bottles, jars, and vases add rustic character when displayed above cabinets. Search flea markets or antique shops for apothecary jars, blue glass bottles, and vintage herb jars. Use them to store spices, cooking oils, etc. With the right styling, even alcohol chemistry flasks can look surprisingly chic in a modern kitchen.

6. Show Off Your Favorite Vintage Finds

Vintage SIlver

Show off your vintage and flea market finds in the best possible way by displaying them artfully on the top of your kitchen cabinets. Some fun finds to showcase include:

  • Old tin lunchboxes
  • Vintage cookie tins filled with tea towels
  • Colorful enamelware pots
  • Stacked cake stands and tiered platters
  • Nostalgic advertisements and signage

Aim for a thoughtful, curated mix of heirlooms and flea market treasures, ideal for rustic appeal. Remember to style intentionally by grouping like items together, or if you have only one type of décor, you can display them all the way across the tops of the cabinets. Try grouping items so they overlap and look a bit randomly placed. This will add to the rustic charm the vintage finds create.

7. Exhibit Meaningful Memorabilia

Picture frams from family

Surround yourself with nostalgic keepsakes and family mementos by arranging them atop cabinets. Some meaningful pieces to display include:

  • Framed family photos from past vacations or holidays
  • Souvenir from favorite trips
  • Vintage family cookbooks handed down through generations
  • Cherished handmade pottery with sentimental value
  • Old children’s artwork and crafts

Add hooks, floating shelves, or shadowboxes to neatly show off your most heartwarming kitchen keepsakes.

8. Create a Seasonal Display

Seasonal display

A great way to ensure the tops of your cabinets never get dusty is switching out your décor seasonally! Consider pumpkins, leaves, and other fall-themed décor in autumn, bright flowers in the spring, and synthetic mini evergreens with a dusting of artificial snow for the winter. Whatever the time of year, you can be sure you’ll be feeling the spirit of the season when you step into your kitchen.

9. Pack in the Plants

Plants on shelves

Plants are an effortless and easy way to add a fresh feel to your kitchen, especially if you’re going for the trending natural kitchen vibe. Trailing vines cascade beautifully from high cabinets, adding a dose of organic texture. For low-maintenance options, choose heartleaf philodendrons, spider plants, or Pothos.
Succulents and air plants are perfect if you want living décor with minimal maintenance. Their sculptural shapes and textures complement modern and minimalist kitchen designs.

10. Add Whimsical Lighting

Nice colored lighting

Incorporate playful lighting fixtures like paper lanterns, marquee signs, or retro café lights along the top of your cabinets. If you want to feel like you’re at your favorite hometown café, consider café string lights for a cheerful and fun vibe. If you’re in more of a retro mood, opt for classic Edison-style bulbs or globe lights. When it comes to lighting, don’t be afraid to infuse charm and personality!

11. Illuminate Cabinets With Specialized Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting

Install slim LED strip lighting along the top and underside of upper cabinets for a modern accent and add a gorgeous glow to your kitchen. LED lights cast a soft glow that’s perfect for task lighting, illuminating workspaces or display areas.
Hafele’s undercabinet lighting is the ideal when it comes to adding the perfect finishing touch to your cabinet space. The custom fit light bar is tailor-made to your exact needs, helping you illuminate your kitchen with easy-to-adjust temperature and mood lighting.

12. Unleash Your Inner Artist With Decorative Wall Art

Decorative wall art

Displaying framed artwork above cabinets, either by standing them on top of the cabinet or hanging them above, extends the height of the cabinet, drawing the eye upward. If you have oversized art pieces that can’t hang comfortably on the wall, hanging them above the kitchen cabinets will display their beauty to the fullest.

13. Get Festive With Vibrant Wallpaper

Gold wallpaper on black wall

If you have always wanted to try an accent wall in your kitchen but never took the leap, wallpaper above your cabinets is a great way to experiment, if a bit out of the box. For a beautifully cohesive look, remember to choose a complementary pattern or color scheme that matches both the colors and style of your overall kitchen design.

14. Relive Your Travels

Indian chinaware

Experienced a tropical getaway you never want to forget? Have you taken a meaningful family trip filled with unforgettable moments? The area above your kitchen cabinets is a great space to display your favorite travel souvenirs so they’re out of the way yet still visually eye-catching. Remember, any mementos that are too small or detailed such as small, framed photos deserve a space on a side table or bookshelf instead.

15. Bring on the Baskets


If you’re struggling with creating a meaningful display that looks both cohesive and effortless, consider baskets that have the added benefit of extra storage space. Use baskets in the same color or finish for a cohesive look, while playing with different sizing for visual interest. You can always switch it up by displaying art or plants among the baskets to up the carefree and effortless vibe, perfect for many kitchen aesthetics, such as farmhouse or bohemian.

Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets With Creativity and Style
Having a unique and personalized home design can be both beautiful and inspiring. From the modern finishes and colors to the smallest design element in your kitchen, we understand that no detail can be overlooked, especially when choosing your top-of-cabinet décor. 
Thoughtfully displaying key pieces above your cabinets will not only be a talking point to anyone who walks into your home, but will create the perfect finishing touch, pulling your entire kitchen aesthetic together.
Make sure to decorate with objects that blend well with your overall style and aren’t distracting or cluttering. Decorating above kitchen cabinets can be thought-provoking and creative if done correctly! Get creative with it and enjoy the process of designing a personalized, productive kitchen sanctuary.
Start designing your ideal kitchen with our knowledgeable kitchen experts!

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