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14 Popular Kitchen Design Styles

At Fabuwood, we understand that a combination of beauty and function in the kitchen is essential to every homeowner. Every popular kitchen aesthetic features distinct elements that are both charming and functional.

With a multitude of styles like modern, farmhouse, industrial, transitional, and rustic, there are endless design options. When choosing the one for you, you need to understand what each style offers and if it fits your needs.

Traditional Kitchen Design is Timeless with Homey Touches

Characterized by enduring design elements, warm colors, and ornate details, traditional kitchens carry an undertone of elegance and a mix of classic and classy.

Common Traditional Design Elements:

  • Natural materials like wood and stone
  • Classic hardware and fixtures
  • Rich color palette, like deep reds and browns
  • Shaker-style cabinetry
  • Off-white, grey, and beige colors
  • Crown moldings and ornate décor

Modern Kitchen Design Offers Simple, Clean Lines

Based on minimalistic Scandinavian design known for its neutral design and natural elements, modern kitchen design first became popular in the 1950s. Recently, modern design has adapted more technologically advanced products and streamlined design features.

Common Modern Design Elements:

  • Flat panel, frameless, and handle-less cabinet design like our Illume cabinetry
  • Monochromatic color scheme with pops of color
  • Strong horizontal lines
  • Open floor plan and minimalist appeal

Transitional Kitchens Bridge the Gap Between Traditional and Modern

Transitional kitchen design is a style that blends traditional and contemporary elements to create a timeless, balanced, and versatile aesthetic. This style seeks to marry the warmth and classic elements of traditional design with the clean lines and simplicity of contemporary design.

Common Transitional Design Elements:

·         Both traditional and modern fixtures and accessories

·         Clean lines and functional design

·         Neutral colors paired with wood tones – like hardwood flooring and earth tones for cabinets

·         Consider our Signature style hood for the finishing touch to a transitional design

Farmhouse Design Evokes Cozy Rusticity

Farmhouse kitchen design is a style that draws inspiration from traditional, rustic farmhouses. This aesthetic combines elements of comfort, functionality, and a sense of warmth to create a welcoming and timeless space.

Common Farmhouse Design Elements:

  • Neutral color schemes with whites, greys, and natural wood accents like open shelving
  • Barn doors and exposed ceiling beams
  • Simple white shaker cabinets
  • Shiplap, which can be incorporated into an accent wall or backsplash
  • A Farmhouse style hood

Rustic Kitchens Showcase all that is Rugged, Worn, and Natural

If you like the worn and weathered look, a rustic kitchen is right up your alley. It embraces a warm and natural aesthetic, emphasizing simple and traditional living. It typically incorporates elements that evoke coziness and a connection to nature.

Common Rustic Design Elements:

  • Distressed wood cabinets/countertops
  • Earthy, warm color tones
  • Stone or brick elements
  • Nature-inspired décor
  • Natural textures like burlap and linen for tablecloths and curtains

Industrial Kitchens Feature Raw Materials and a Utilitarian Aesthetic

Industrial kitchen design draws inspiration from the raw, utilitarian aesthetic of factories and warehouses. This style is characterized by its emphasis on functionality, exposed structural elements, and the use of industrial materials.

Common Industrial Design Elements:

  • Concrete flooring, steel beams, and chrome fixtures
  • Stainless steel appliances, lamps, and bar stools
  • Factory style accessories
  • Pendant lighting
  • Exposed imperfections – if your kitchen has uneven features or anything unfinished, use it as a key design feature.
  • Open shelving

Bohemian Designs Highlight Artsy and Diverse Features

Originating in 18th-century Paris, the Bohemian style is full of colors and patterns, mixing different cultures and aesthetics. It is the go-to style for those who think out of the box and are free-spirited.

Common Bohemian Design Elements:

  • Vibrant and contrasting colors
  • Eclectic patterns and textures
  • Hanging plants for a relaxed, boho vibe
  • All-natural wood-toned cabinets, like our Luna Timber
  • An array of art and collectibles
  • Vintage lighting options for a unique, eye-catching detail

Eclectic Design Incorporates Various Design Elements

If you can’t pinpoint one overall design aesthetic that speaks to you and you prefer a mix of different styles, you’ll enjoy the eclectic kitchen design. It is a mix of time periods, styles, and design elements and incorporates whatever features you love the most.

Common Eclectic Design Elements:

  • Various colors, patterns, and textures in the décor
  • Mix and match cabinet styles and finishes
  • Collectibles and art pieces

Coastal Kitchens Bring the Relaxed, Breezy Ambiance of the Sea

Coastal kitchen design, also known as beach or seaside style, draws inspiration from the relaxed and breezy atmosphere of coastal living. This design aesthetic aims to capture the colors, textures, and elements associated with the beach and ocean.

Common Coastal Design Elements:

  • Light and airy colors like blues and whites
  • Coastal elements like driftwood and nautical décor
  • Glass front cabinets and open shelving for an even more open feel to the space
  • Natural and weathered wood finishes

The Art Deco Kitchen Brings Back the Beauty of the Past

This style harkens back to the glamorous, geometric designs of the 1920s and 1930s, with an added touch of opulence and luxury.

Common Art Deco Design Elements:

  • Bold, geometric patterns such as chevrons and sunbursts
  • High gloss finishes, metallics, and mirrored surfaces
  • Rich, bold colors like black and gold, and jewel tones
  • Vintage accessories like glassware or decorative items

Glam Kitchens Focus on Luxury and Sophistication

With roots in 1930s Hollywood regency style, glam merges old glamour with modern and elegant updates. Think high-end materials and an overall richness to the space. Nothing is too over the top for a glam kitchen!

Common Glam Design Elements:

  • Use crystal elements like with chandeliers
  • Marble countertops and backsplashes
  • Luxurious materials and accents for an opulent overall aesthetic
  • Bold color schemes
  • High-end appliances
  • Consider mirrored serving trays or gold dishes for high-end accents

Mid-Century Modern Kitchens Bring Back the Best of the 1950s and 1960s

Mid-century modern kitchen design refers to a style that emerged in the mid-20th century, roughly from the 1940s to the 1960s. This design aesthetic is characterized by a focus on clean lines, simplicity, and a seamless integration of form and function.

Common Mid-Century Modern Design Elements:

  • Flat panel cabinets with minimal ornamentation
  • Iconic colors like Avocado Green and Mustard Yellow
  • Vintage-inspired fixtures and furniture
  • Bold, geometric patterns for backsplash and décor

Feel Like You’re at an Outdoor Parisian Café with Paris Bistro Kitchen Design

With a touch of French flair, intimate kitchen lighting, and pretty cookware on display, you can feel like you are at a high-end Paris bistro without leaving your home. This lesser-known kitchen design is for those who appreciate travel and culture.

Common Paris Bistro Design Elements:

  • Incorporate intimate lighting such as soft, low lights to give the space a snug warmth.
  • Layer with low-hanging chandeliers, sconces, or floor lamps for additional glow.
  • Add striped window awnings to interior windows for that additional Paris vibe.
  • Consider using cane bistro chairs so often found in Parisian cafes.
  • Incorporate colorful wall hangings or advertising posters of travel or champagne to give that additional bistro feel.

The Futuristic Kitchen

The Futuristic Kitchen style challenges the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what a kitchen can be in terms of technology and design. It disrupts conventional design choices in a few ways:

  • Embracing technology: it integrates the latest smart home technology and advanced appliances to enhance functionality, efficiency, and convenience.
  • Innovative materials: futuristic kitchens often use materials like glass, acrylic, and metallic surfaces with high-tech, reflective quality.
  • Sleek design: the emphasis on minimalism, clean lines, and a high-gloss finish creates a modern, futuristic aesthetic that differs significantly from more classic and ornate styles.
  • Automation: this style often features touchless fixtures, voice-activated controls, and even robotic kitchen assistants, further challenging traditional manual processes.
  • Sustainability: some futuristic kitchens also prioritize sustainability with energy-efficient appliances and materials, making them disrupters in the context of eco-friendly kitchen design.

Choosing a design style is the first step in creating your picture-perfect kitchen. These 14 kitchen designs are some of the most common and not so common aesthetics:

  1. Traditional
  2. Modern
  3. Transitional
  4. Farmhouse
  5. Rustic
  6. Industrial
  7. Bohemian
  8. Eclectic
  9. Coastal
  10. Art Deco
  11. Glam
  12. Mid-Century Modern
  13. Paris Bistro
  14. Futuristic

Each design has its distinct features that will make your kitchen one-of-a-kind. To start visualizing your new space, check out our Visualizer.

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