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The Hottest 2024 Kitchen Design Trends and Ideas

With 2024 recently begun, you may be wondering what kitchen design trends will be popular this year. Last year was the year of color – bold kitchen cabinets, interesting stone countertops, and pops of color throughout the kitchen were very popular. If you’re just like us and like to stay on top of the latest kitchen trends, we’ve saved you some time scouring the internet and compiled a list of the most popular kitchen design trends for 2024.

Are All-White Kitchens Out for 2024?

The white kitchen design trend

As industry designers have predicted, 2024 will be all about increasing your personal style and comfort, including the use of bold colors. Much like 2023, they predict 2024 will see the decline of the stark white kitchen and earthy tones will see an uptick in consumer adoption. The new neutral encompasses warm tones like these grey hues for kitchen cabinets. Consider our cobblestone finish for a charming and welcoming earthy grey tone, the perfect homey touch to your kitchen design.

Try Bright, Two-Tone Colors for Your Cabinets

Tow-tone kitchen trend idea

Two-tone cabinets are nothing new, but two-tone cabinets in contrasting colors are! If you’re feeling bold, try contrasting hues for the upper and lower cabinets or kitchen island. Remember to steer away from clashing colors, and instead choose shades that are different yet complimentary. You can even incorporate different materials like bold, dark cabinets and a light wood counter for a different take on the two-tone kitchen.

Try a Bold Kitchen Island…In Any Color

Designer Bold Kitchen Island Trend

If you want your base and wall cabinets to stay cohesive, try a singular pop of color with your island. No matter the size of your island or kitchen, a pop of color will make a statement. It is the perfect way to inject your kitchen with some vibrancy without incorporating all your cabinets into the design trend. Our custom colors program allows you to pick from a huge palette of trendy paint colors to create a stunningly bright focal point in your kitchen.

Get Cozy With Natural Wood Cabinetry

The kitchen trend of natural wood cabinets

While the natural look of simple wood cabinetry is nothing new, 2024 will see a different wood tone than in previous years. Whereas dark and ultra-light tones were fashionable in decades past, 2024 will see the kitchen trend of medium wood tones as the most popular natural look for cabinets. For a comfortable and relaxed feel, cabinets with a medium wood tone are the go-to option. Side note: this pairs well with an all-natural stone backsplash!

It’s Time to Slim Down…With an Updated Shaker

Another good idea the slim shacker kitchen cabinets

If there is one thing that stands the test of time, it’s shaker cabinets. If you’re looking for an updated interior design trend that is increasing in popularity, try our new slim shaker cabinet style, Luna. Available in three chic colors, Indigo, Kona, and Dove, this updated take on the classic shaker fits in perfectly with 2024’s latest design trends. According to designer Krista Blundell from Highmont Home, the updated style speaks to the shifting trend toward thin shaker. "The thin-edged shaker door of the Allure Luna line is the perfect match for the client who leans modern but is not quite ready to make the leap to a sleek slab front cabinet like the new Illume line or for the client who desires something more unexpected than a traditional shaker like the Galaxy line. It's hip and modern, and I think we'll be seeing more kitchens in Luna in the coming years."

The New Backsplash Trend

Tired of the tried-and-true subway tile backsplash and want a beautifully streamlined look to incorporate into your kitchen? Slab backsplashes are all the rage and are predicted to continue to gain popularity for years to come. Continuing the countertop up the wall (either halfway or all the way) creates an eye-catching detail that is sure to impress. The slab backsplash creates a custom, luxurious feel without the accompanying price tag.

The Ultimate Gathering Place

The top style part of 2024’s kitchen countertop trends? Large kitchen islands with seating. As the past has proven, the kitchen is the ultimate gathering space in the house not only for mealtimes but for socializing and family hangouts. A large kitchen island complete with plenty of seating options creates the multifunctional appeal of a gathering/eating space. Using a dining room table that doubles as an island workspace is the up-to-date kitchen design that brings the most to your kitchen.

Smart Technology

A top trend this year is integrated smart technology in the kitchen. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the cooking experience has become as streamlined and efficient as possible. AI ovens and voice-controlled lights are just a couple of advanced features available in today's kitchen technology market.

Statement Hoods

Looking for a great statement piece that incorporates the best of style and function? Range hoods are a necessity in every kitchen, and 2024 kitchen design trends predict that making them the ultimate statement piece will make your kitchen shine. Whether you want to go for the farmhouse or luxurious feel, we’ve got you covered with a wide array of hood selections!

Decorative Toe Kick Drawers

Toe kicks are a functional part of every kitchen that is often overlooked. What once were highly underutilized, toe kicks are now being customized into shallow drawers that are perfect for storing kitchen towels or anything under 3 inches in height. Toe kick drawers can even be further customized into a decorative piece, transforming an easily forgettable kitchen detail. If you’re handy and love to DIY, check out how to DIY your custom toe kicks with jennasuedesign.com.

Go Green

The green revolution is another 2024 kitchen design trend that speaks to the modernization of the kitchen space. Eco-friendly practices are first and foremost in modern kitchens, with designers keeping an eye on the kitchen's impact on the environment. Recycled materials and natural elements like reclaimed wood are the go-to for green kitchen design.

Your Kitchen Design Is All About You!

The most popular 2024 kitchen design trend? Making it all about you! Introducing whimsy and creating a kitchen space that speaks to your personal taste, style, colors, and trends is the best kitchen design trend to date. Ultimately, it is all about what is important to you and your family that leads to which design ideas you will incorporate. No matter what may be in style in 2024, remember to go for whatever trend speaks to your inner artist! Leave a comment and let us know which current design trend you’ll be incorporating into your own kitchen design.

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