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8 Simple Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

Is the color of your kitchen walls getting you down? Do your kitchen cabinets look like they have a bit too much wear and tear? If walking into your kitchen makes you sigh in defeat, it’s time for a kitchen redo. To decide if a full-scale kitchen remodel or a simple refresh is right for you, check out our kitchen remodel checklist, which takes your budget, daily needs, and personal style into consideration.

If doing a full-scale kitchen renovation is out of your budget, you can still update your kitchen space easily with a budget-friendly refresh.  

Here are eight cost-effective ideas for a budget kitchen remodel:

1. Replace your cabinet/drawer knobs and pulls

For the simplest update, change out all your knobs and pulls for an eye-catching, refreshing detail that should take you only an hour or so, depending on how many cabinets you have. Keep the rest of your kitchen décor in mind so your new hardware will easily integrate into the overall design. If you want to go with an even more cost-effective option, try spray painting your existing hardware in a fresh, new color. They’ll look as good as new!

2. Get out your paintbrush!

Repainting your kitchen walls can be a great DIY project that will automatically enliven the space, giving your kitchen a much-needed refresh. Choosing a timeless color option will leave your walls looking crisp and up-to-date for years to come. If you want to tackle this as a DIY project, check out these important tips from The Spruce.

For an interesting visual, consider creating an accent wall. Choose a complimentary color, wallpaper, or even shiplap as the ultimate DIY feature.

3. Tired of your laminate countertops?

If you want to extend the life of your countertops, consider resurfacing instead of replacing them. Resurfacing is a pretty easy process that can add years of use to your countertops while looking great. Stoneffects countertop coating allows you to roll out a stone-like paint onto your counter, giving the effect of a real quartz or granite counter. Resurfacing is the ultimate cost-effective way to save money in the kitchen while upgrading the entire space.

4. Give your windows an update

Modernizing your window treatments will brighten your entire space and is a great, budget-friendly way to refresh your kitchen. Remember, the window treatments should fit your lifestyle while enhancing your kitchen and your personal aesthetic.

· Go for blinds for the most cost-effective option. Choose a chic color for a classic look.

· Choose roller shades, zebra shades, honeycomb blinds, or drapes for a modernized, classy look. Colors, fabrics, and patterns that fit seamlessly into your style and overall look of the kitchen are the best bet for a beautiful window design.

5. Enhance your kitchen with open shelving

Even replacing just one upper cabinet with open shelving will elevate your kitchen space, making it appear bigger and brighter. If you’re unsure if you’re ready to commit to open shelving, try taking the doors off a cabinet first and living with that for a while to see if the open look is right for you. If so, just take the rest of the cabinet right off the wall!

Benefits of open shelving/floating shelves in the kitchen

· It forces you to keep things neat and tidy. To avoid having your kitchen look like a rummage sale, you must keep open shelving neat and organized. You’ll never have to dig through a messy cabinet again!

· Open shelving allows you to take constant inventory of what you have and what needs to be replaced.

· With everything on an open shelf front and center, dusting is a breeze. Plus, those items will be used more since they are in your constant eyeline, further eliminating the need for dusting.

· It’s easy on the wallet. Open shelving is a fraction of the cost of full cabinets, and creating a few shelves instead of a cabinet or two will help you save some cash.

6. Update your cabinets without replacing them

If your cabinets look a little worse for wear, consider updating them to eliminate the cost of complete replacement. Refreshing kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to update your kitchen on a budget.

· Paint them- whether you pay someone else or do it yourself, painting your cabinets will give your kitchen the best refresh on a budget. Have laminate cabinets? Not to worry. Laminate can be painted too, as well as your backsplash. If you want to further enhance your backsplash, you can get stencils to hand paint a design for a beautifully unique upgrade.

· Distressed- distressing your kitchen cabinets give them that worn, aged look without looking shabby. Through some sanding and well-placed paint, you can make your cabinets look naturally worn. If you want to go for an extreme distressed look, you can even take a chain or nails to the cabinets. Don’t overdo it if you do go this route- you don’t want your cabinets to look plain shabby.

· Antiqued- achieving the naturally antiqued look in your kitchen cabinets is simple and adds a lot of character to the space. Applying antique stain (found at most hardware stores) to your cabinet doors with a brush and then wiping off as much as you like with a rag will achieve the desired richness of the stain. Wiping it off will give the cabinets that simple, aged look that only comes naturally after decades of use.

· High gloss finish- gloss cabinets are the perfect way to make cabinet refinishing last for years. Glossy cabinets are low maintenance, highly durable, and reflect light for a bright and modern kitchen feel. After painting your cabinets, apply a high gloss varnish to add depth to your kitchen.

· Reface your cabinet doors- refacing is different than refinishing in that a new veneer is placed on the cabinet boxes and new cabinet doors are installed in place of the old ones. If your cabinets are in pretty good shape and you simply want an upgrade, refacing is a great low-cost option that can delay replacing cabinets for some time.

7. Add under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen

Consider under-cabinet lighting as a fantastic way to elevate your kitchen from shabby to chic. We are proud to partner with Hafele for beautiful under-cabinet lighting options, which you can learn more about here. Swapping out your light fixtures for modern options will further enhance your space with eye-catching detail.

8. Replace your kitchen sink

From farmhouse style, top mount, undermount, drainboard, integrated, and more, there are numerous sink styles you can choose from that will fit into your kitchen remodel budget. Finding the perfect sink to blend seamlessly with your overall style means creating a functional yet beautiful kitchen that is a pleasure to work in.

To find which kitchen sink works best for you and your daily needs, you need to take your type of countertops and cleaning preferences into account. For example, stainless steel sinks work best with granite counters, and porcelain sinks are the easiest to clean. Whichever you chose, make sure it compliments your overall kitchen appeal.

Refreshing a tired kitchen design will not only make the most out of the space but transform how you function in your kitchen as well. After all, a beautiful kitchen is a pleasure to work in, making your mealtime, cooking, and other kitchen tasks that much easier. While remodeling costs can add up, a kitchen refresh is the most cost-effective way to update your kitchen while keeping your wallet intact.

Leave a comment and let us know which one of these budget-friendly kitchen refresh ideas you will use or if you have any other ideas you would like to share.

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